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Organic Soap

100%liquid Organic detergent

Our detergent is made out of 100%palm oil organically grown and cultivated on an organic plantation in Philippine. This is a very safe product and does not include any perfume fragrance.

Strong washing power

This detergent made through several refined processes and has a strong washing power.

Gentle to your skin

Because of being 100% natural made, this products is very gentle to your skin, especially for those who has delicate skin.

 No need for softener

The natural palm oil will make your laundry softer. You do not need to use softener. Plus you will have none of the chemical effects of conventional softener.

Environmental friendly products.

This organic detergent does not pollute our water, rivers and oceans.

 All purpose soap

This detergent can be used not only washing laundry but also washing dishes and cleaning your house and is also gentle to your skin,